Joyce Mansour



 I search in vain for a reflection of my joy  

 In the hole where I thought I’d find your heart   

 I dug that hole in the centre of your body   

 Of ebony and ivory of thirst and blood    

So I could hide my glasses there

So I could  scribble my fear there

     So I would know if there really are strawberries for lunch   

 Or only black pudding.     

  Vainement je cherche un reflet de ma joie   

Dans le trou où je pensais trouver ton cœur  

 J’ai creusé ce trou au centre de ton corps  

 D’ébène et d’ivoire de soif et de sang   

Pour y cacher mes lunettes 

Pour y griffonner ma peur   

Pour savoir si vraiment il y a des fraises pour le déjeuner  

 Ou seulement du boudin noir  

Coming events

Indigo Dreams are publishing a short collection of my translations entitled "Strawberries and Black Pudding."

I have had 3 of my translations published in Modern Poetry in Translation and 5 in The Erotic Review in 2016

Joyce Mansour's poems are about sex and death, the  madness of desire and fantasy. Her voice is fierce and passionate, yet there is an extraordinarily moving tenderness and sensitivity in her work, despite the violent and shocking imagery.

Her poems are stark and painful, brutally honest, often with an almost frightening and obsessive streak of sado- masochism.

 Mansour is one of the great surrealist poets of the 20th century, both modern and timeless.