Sexual Healing: stories and insights from the therapist's couch

  Fascinating and intriguing true-life stories illustrating the variety of sex and sexuality A unique and gripping collection of tales from the sex therapist’s couch Through stories of adultery and addiction, loss of desire and power struggles, childhood abuse, bad sex and no sex, this book covers the big questions about sex:   · What is the nature of passion and desire · How can we remain faithful in a long-term relationship · What happens to sex when you have a baby · How anxiety and shame are the enemies of pleasure · How anger, blame and guilt put us off sex · How childhood messages can turn us towards diverse behaviours and fantasies · How  changing gender roles are playing out in the bedroom · How our sexuality develops throughout our lives · How to address sexual difficulties and find healing with sex therapy exercises   Whether we are sexually active or not, our sexuality is a vital part of our being. The variety and complexity of sex and sexuality are richly illustrated in these unique and compelling stories with added psychological insights that bring informed awareness and healing to the reader.  

Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex

  Part One: A Beginner’s Guide This is written for young people (18 to 35) as they grow and develop into adults. It offers a comprehensive and practical overview of sex and sexuality and answers the many questions concerning the why, what, how and when of sex. This is sex coaching with psychological insight. The goals are to understand the problems that may occur as we reach adulthood and to find sexual healing for these difficulties. 

Part Two: A guide for grown-ups Following on from Part One this is aimed at adults of all ages. It explores sex and sexuality across the life-cycle and raises the many complex issues, questions and choices that arise at different stages of our sex-life. It helps us understand through psychological awareness how life-events affect our sexuality and how best to approach the problems that occur. The aim is to find enrichment and fulfillment throughout our differing ages as sexual beings.

 Part Three: Tales from the sex couch I have heard many fascinating and surprising stories about the way people choose to live their intimate lives. Here is a short selection that covers some of the common and not so common sexual scenarios. Some people have needed me as a sex coach, some have needed a listening ear and some have wanted help in understanding their difficulties and moving on. All have needed reassurance and acceptance.   

Couples and Sex: an introduction to relationship bynamics and psychosexual concepts

  ‘Martin-Sperry’s book Couples and Sex is a comprehensive, clear and readable explanation of the factors that couples confront when they have sexual difficulty. I recommend this book to both experienced and new therapists, and to all clinicians who want to know more about the crucial role of sex in couple relationships.’ David Scharff in the Introduction    

‘This book considers sex in the context of adult couple relationships. It invites us to consider the nature of committed relationships and some of the life course issues that can affect the manner in which they develop. Taking a multi-discipline approach, the chapters provide important information about human sexual functioning, suggest approaches to helping couple with sexual problems and provide copious illustrations that bring it all to life. This book provides valuable information that will help readers think about what is involved, assess how far to go with couples presenting with sexual and relationship problems and equip them to make a sensitive referral if specialist help is needed.’ Christopher Clulow in the Foreword